Proximity Encoder

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Proximity Encoder
Model: HSU-CE
Color: Silver
Power supply type: USB
Indication: LED indicators of device status and operations
Audit: walk-through data transfer from locks via data cards

• Guest, service and master cards encoding
• Reading locks audit
• PMS compatibility
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    About Encoder

    The proximity card encoder is an essential component of this system. It makes service and guest MIFARE cards and MIFARE 4k data cards for hotel locks. The encoder uses basic software, universal PMS integration software, and software for Micros Fidelio integration certified by Oracle.

    The device connects to PC via USB. There are 2 LED indicators on it. The device provides readings and records of staff and service cards, and guest and master cards. It supports standards ISO 14443А for the MIFARE card.

    You may use a single encoder on several computers using a universal PMS interface. The PMS interface reads and returns serials of guest key numbers (MIFARE ID) in key issue processes. This allows you to combine PMS with software of restaurants, bars, and other POS.