Intelligent Lock Management System

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Intelligent Lock Management System

  • Data Base compatibility: MSSQL, Access
  • Issue of: Master cards, Staff cards, Service cards
  • Hotel locks management
  • Basic options for guest keys management
  • Locks audit
Specifications Features

The system management software has a multilingual user interface. It works with portable locks programmer and card encoders. The software is compatible with all modern computers running Windows OS. Simply insert the installation disc and follow the automatic instructions. The installation time is less than 2 minutes and uses standard TCP/IP protocol for implementation in an ethernet network.

  • Setup of hotel room doors
  • Setup of common hotel doors
  • The ability to issue master cards with optional floor or building access restrictions and work-hours restrictions, and with the option of avoids any violation of privacy
  • Issue lock installation cards and lock time-setting cards
  • Cancel guest cards and check out guest cards
  • Banning the use of staff cards (as in the case of loss) and terminating such a ban
  • Issuing staff cards for multiple locks with a limited work timeframe for technical and service personnel
  • The ability to work with locks programmers
  • A locks audit module
  • Operators rights management
  • Basic guest card management features (such as check-in, check-out, and reservations)