Wall reader

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Wall reader
Model: HSU-HAC
Power supply type: 12 V


Dynamic Electric Current: 100 mA
Compatible Card: MIFARE
Dimensions: 125x75x22
Operating Humidity: 5 to 75 % RH
Operating Temperature: from -10 to +70 °C
Specifications Features

The wall reader for MIFARE cards may be a regular lock that carries out all standard operations, as in the case of a conventional (latch) lock for hotels. These may integrate with a third-party access control systems, enabling the user to program the lock, which significantly increases the level of its functionality.

In some cases, the installation of a conventional lock is impossible, as when the doors you plan to install are too thin or too thick, or when decorative elements obstruct your work. Consider for example a glass door to the sauna, with the possibility of opening with a room key or a turnstile to control the guest passage on a certain floor of the hostel. In these cases, installing a wall reader to control a drop-bolt or an electromagnetic lock can be an excellent solution.

The wall reader has the ability to manage high-power locks. It requires an external 12V power with backup supply to protect against electrical failures.

You may configure the controller so that the lock opens when the power is turned on, or vice versa when it is turned off.