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Important Announcements

Learn the advantages and procedures for applying HSU solutions in a hotel. Discover new degrees of service quality for guests and new levels of hotel safety for both owners and guests alike. Then review the ways that an HSU access control system will increase a hotel’s effectiveness.

Survey HSU hotel solutions, including noteworthy features and benefits that include performance enhancements for owners and enhanced services for guests.

Vital Facts

Electronic HSU locks help resolve many problems that hoteliers encounter.

Easy Installation

HSU hotel locks provide an autonomous solution that eliminates running cables into rooms and installing costly wireless access points. Each lock contains a built-in access controller to program after lock installation. Four AA or AAA batteries power both the lock and the built-in controller. With average use, the lock battery will last for a year.

Guest and Owner Safety

HSU locks use MIFARE cards. Unlike outdated mechanical key and card models (such as Temic, EM-Marine, etc.), this feature prevents unauthorized copies. An HSU lock does not hold information about the cards that open it. When a guest checks in, the card receives new information the lock it will open. When a guest uses a card for the first time, the lock automatically blocks information from all previous cards issued. Furthermore, the guest card is only valid during the assigned time period.

Staff keys may only unlock a prescribed number of rooms for a specified time interval. For example, this system can restrict a maid’s card to one floor and during her working hours only. This feature eliminates the possibility of accessing guest accommodation with a maid's key. In addition, this system can provide staff key cards without reprogramming the locks.

PMS integration means that a guest key may not be issued apart from the standard operating procedures of the hotel system (PMS).

The lock’s memory records all cases of lock openings, including emergency openings by a mechanical key and openings by staff keys or guest keys. The hotel administration may easily read the lock log via the PMS check-in log and a video surveillance system.

These locks function independently from the hotel’s external power supply and feature a mechanical anti-panic mode. Together, these features make it possible to open the lock from the inside at all times. While this prevents opening all locks simultaneously during power outages, it ensures that the locks will never prevent the evacuation of guests.

Quality Guest Service

PMS integration increases the safety of hotel owners and improves the quality of services that guests receive. Guest service speed and efficiency increases because check-in, mutual settlements, and key issuance occur through a single, coordinated system (PMS). This synchronization eliminates common errors, like assigning a guest to one room while issuing a key to another.

An adaptable software interface enables you to combine this PMS system with other hotel systems. This allows you to streamline hotel functions by integrating your PMS system with your proprietary restaurant system, enabling bill payment through keycards, and syncing with your customer loyalty program both in the restaurant and at the hotel.

Implementing the interface through the open API and network protocol TCP/IP allows you to connect this HSU system to any other systems, even via the internet. For some additional flare, you can issue cards as standard card, key chains, bracelets, or tags.

You can install HSU hotel locks in common buildings and floors, authorizing permitted guests to enter with a valid keycard, but excluding strangers. Furthermore, a specialized wall reader enables you to achieve the same functionality on non-classical doors, such as gates, turnstiles, and barriers.

A preset “access zones” feature enables anyone with an authorized keycard to enter additional rooms without reprogramming the locks. For example, this feature grants guest access to additional rooms, such as a fitness room, dining hall, or swimming pool. The HSU system also enables the hotel to restrict this additional access to VIP guests or to those who have paid an additional fee. The system records all necessary information onto the key card when a guest checks in or pays for these exclusive services.

Versatile Functionality

A single lock may be used for various operating modes. The built-in lock controller allows you to select the modes you desire.

  • Hotel room lock: this opens a guest room for a specified period of time.
  • Additional hotel room lock: this is necessary for houses with multiple entrances.
  • Hotel entry door: this may be used to open a turnstile or security barrier.
  • A building door lock
  • A floor door lock
  • An area lock: this includes the door to a pool room, fitness room, sauna, or restaurant. Each lock can contain up to 5 Areas at once.
  • An office lock: in this mode, the lock may be open or closed permanently.

Major Benefits for a Hotel Implementing the HSU Access Control System

  • Improved Guest Service Features
    • - High-speed guest service
    • - Error-free guest checking-in
    • - Increased guest safety
    • - Hotel image having electronic locks
  • Owner Safety Features
    • - Administrative control of room sales and assignments
    • - Differentiation between guest cards and maid card
    • - Detailed logs of hotel door openings
    • - Decreased expenses due to eliminating the need to replace mechanical lock keys