Solution possibilities of hotel's Access Control System HSU for HOSTELS


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Important Announcements

Discover noteworthy features of applying the HSU solution in hostels. These include improved guest convenience and owner safety, decreased ownership cost, useful benefits, and other additional hostel advantages.

Vital Facts

The HSU system accommodates the special requirements associated with the use of hotels ACS system in hostels.

Let us show you how the HSU Access Control System helps hostel owners.

Easy Installation

HSU hotel locks are a standalone solution that eliminates cabling to locks. Electronic hotel locks do not depend on the availability of power in the hostel but operate on batteries instead (four AA or AAA batteries). As a result, installing an HSU lock onto a door is no different from installing a mechanical lock.

Easy Use

With normal use, lock batteries will last for an average of one year. If battery power falls below permissible levels, an LED will remind the staff to replace the batteries when they open the lock. In the event of a full battery discharge, staff may open the lock with a mechanical key. Furthermore, a mechanical anti-panic feature allows a person to open the lock from inside the room at any time. Therefore, the lock will never prevent an emergency evacuation.

Guest and Owner Safety

By integrating HSU locks with the PMS, a hostel reduces the possibility of unauthorized guest accommodation. This means that it will be impossible to issue a guest key apart from this control system (PMS). Since the integration occurs through an internet-based network protocol (TCP/IP), integration may also be performed through cloud management systems popular among hostels.

In addition, the system issues room keys for designated periods of time. For example, if you program the card for access beginning at 14:00 tomorrow (by reservation) to the next day at 12:00, the keycard will work only during that time and no further.

The key in an HSU electronic lock does not coordinated with the lock itself by default. The guest accommodations receptionist processes the lock configuration directly onto the key itself. This configuration then records all necessary information, such which lock it will open and during what timeframe. This feature eliminates the time-consuming task of registering key-cards for every lock. It also makes possible the synchronization of multiple keys, with differing time intervals, all with one lock, simultaneously. This feature is especially necessary for hostels.

Operating Cost

HSU hotel locks feature two important characteristics that reduce the operating costs for a hostel lock security system.

  • Since the key is not hardwired to the lock, you can easily issue a new card when anyone loses the original one. You can also block access by the previous card immediately without leaving the customer service desk. (By default, it will also stop working when the prescribed timeframe expires.) In such cases, a mechanical lock requires you to replace the physical key and lock cylinder, which incurs a greater expense.

  • Property easily disappears from hostels. The HSU system counteracts this phenomenon by logging all the times anyone opened the door. When you pair this function with a video surveillance system, you can trace lost property more easily.

Additional Features for Hostels

To increase owners safety, you may apply HSU ACS functionality in the following ways:

  • Install an intelligent, energy-saving switch onto a group of sockets and a bedside lighting fixture. In this arrangement, if a guest takes a friend’s key to the room, the uninvited guest will be unable to use the sockets and bedside lamp. An intelligent switch verifies that the inserted key is valid for that room and logs the date and time of the of arrival and departure of the guest.

  • Pair with a turnstile into the common entrance of a the living area. An HSU programmable wall reader will then synchronize with this turnstile, transmitting a signal to the turnstile permitting entry only for guests registered at the hostel. This approach grants guest access one at a time.

  • Install an HSU lock onto any locker(s) in a guest room. This applications enables all guests living in the room to enter, while restricting access to personal items and luggage stored in the locker(s) only to those guests with personalized key-card locker access.