PMS Integration Software

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PMS Integration Software
Universal PMS hotel system interface based on TCP/IP

  • Issue guest cards
  • Issue copies of the card for additional guests
  • Read guest cards
  • Issue guest cards for additional areas
  • Recording custom information (card's tracks data #2 and #3) when issuing cards. Including a directly storing it on the card chip
  • Support for Unicode characters in guest name, operator name and tracks data fields
  • Block old cards automatically when you issue a new one
  • Cancel guest cards
  • Return the card serial number (ID) into the PMS when a new card or copy card is issued
  • Works in a single database with "Intelligent Lock Management System"
  • Proven compatibility with "Shelter PMS," "1C Hotel," "Amadeus PMS," "Logus HMS (Libra)," "Frontdesk 24(Cloud),"  "Intellect Style-Hotel", HOTEL (Intel-Sfera) and Edelweiss (Edelink), Bnovo PMS
Specifications Features

Universal PMS hotel system interface based on TCP/IP ASCII

Software Features

  • Work in a single database with the access control software "Intelligent Lock Management System", which allows you to synchronize the status of issued keys in a single information environment, manage cards parallel in both PMS and access control system, build reports on issuing cards and passages of guests in the context of the full name independently on where the card was issued.

  • Card ID-number returns into PMS after issuing a guest keycard. This allows you to combine the hotel PMS system with software for restaurants, bars, and other points of sale (POS).

  • Unicode support for recording guest name, operator name and custom information (tracks data) when issuing guest cards and their copies, when reading these information. This information can be recorded directly on the Mifare card chip and then can be easily read and modified by third-party systems that support NFC, including but not limited to Android systems with built-in NFC (more details see here);

  • Instantly search for a guest in the PMS system by presenting his or her keycard.

  • Share a single proximity encoder on several computers.


  • Security. The staff cannot issue a guest card without conducting an accounting operation in the hotel PMS. The names in the locks correspond to the PMS data. This will greatly simplify your audits.

  • Quality. Eliminate the possibility of a mismatch between the validity period of the keycard and the length of time the guest stays in the room.

  • Rate. No longer work in two systems at once. Having marked a guest in the PMS system, all that remains is to click on the keycard issue in the same system. It will also be possible to search for a guest upon presentation of the key. This will eliminate possible misunderstandings, especially with foreigners.

  • Service. There is an opportunity to integrate the PMS into management systems of points of sale, including bars and restaurants, as well as closing bills with a guest keycard.


Mutual settlements between the hotel and the guest are carried out in a single management system, whether PMS or HMS. This is especially convenient for owners and guests. When closing bills in bowling alleys, restaurants, and other places on the PMS account using the keycard, the following procedure occurs:

  1. 1. A card is read into a POS-system, determining the serial number of the card.

  2. 2. The POS refers to the PMS with the card’s serial number for the client's account balance.

  3. 3. If the balance is sufficient, the charge for payment goes from POS to PMS. This closes your bill to the restaurant and leaves a balance on the PMS.

In addition to the previous functions, our interface is able to provide:

  • Accounting of actual breakfast by reading the card at the entrance to the restaurant.

  • Using a single customer loyalty program because you do not have to set up discounts in two systems at the same time; just configure it in PMS.