Electronic Hotel Lock HSU-9939-S

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Electronic Hotel Lock HSU-9939-S
Model: HSU-9939-S
Type: Mifare
Color: silver / brushed stainless steel
Material: stainless steel AISI 304
Ideal to replace old lock: covers the brands of many models of locks on the market
PCB sealed: with silicone encapsulated treatment for humidity environment
Door thickness: from 30 mm
Power supply type: 4 x 1.5 V AAA batteries, enough for 15 000 operations
Mechanical key: Yes, standard Euro DIN type
Indicators: door opening, unauthorized activity, low battery (indicated by a red and green LED)
EEPROM memory to maintain the information and configuration even if the batteries are removed
Entry records: up to 1000 entries
Card reader: high frequency, recognition in 0.25 seconds maximum
Handle: outside type, anti-tamper with free moving clutch mechanism, excludes the opening force
Patented handle design, reversible for left/right unlocking
Latch direction: Quick change of direction without disassembly of the mortise part.
Options: you can always open the door with a handle from the inside (an anti-panic function), ability to change the mode from hotel to office in the lock
Specifications Features

The peculiarity of this lock is the location of the entire electronic part in the handle plates. This made it possible to reduce the size of the mortise mechanism to the size of most of the mortise parts of classic mechanical locks, which makes the HSU-9939-S model ideal for replacing old locks. Stylish modern narrow design will not remain your guests indifferent. At the same time, the patented handle and latch reversing mechanism will simplify the work of installers and maintenance personnel.

  • No. 304 stainless steel mortise mechanism and handles ensures durability
  • The possibility of outdoor installation due to encapsulated in silicone electronics unit
  • Modern design, LED indicator around the handle
  • Standard mechanical euro DIN cylinder
  • The presence of universal components that allow to adapt electronic locks for rooms under any door and method of opening. Six various types of mortise mechanisms can be supplied with this model

We manufacture all locks from high-quality materials.

Finish layers are resistant to light and other external factors and enjoy a long-lasting sheen. An extended warranty backs up our quality guarantee.

Features of the Electronic HSU Hotel Locks

  1. 1. Every electronic HSU hotel lock records information about opening events, up to 1,000 entries. This feature allows you to know who visited which rooms and when.

  2. 2. Each electronic lock for hotel rooms comes with two mechanical keys per set. Each may be tuned to opening either one or multiple locks. This mechanism functions an approximately seven years.

  3. 3. HSU hotel locks coordinate only with a proximity contactless MIFARE card. Unlike other similar cards, MIFARE cards cannot be counterfeited. Each new guest card assignment automatically blocks previous assignments. No reprogramming or configuration actions are required on the part of the administrator. Proximity cards can be produced in any design.

Electronic hotel locking systems feature a multilingual software interface.

The TCP/IP software interface has been developed especially for electronic locks and contactless cards. It provides integration capabilities with the principal PMS.

This software includes the ability to return the serial number of the card (ID). This allows more productive integration for hotel PMS systems into restaurants and bars and into other points of sale (POS).

Hotels with a large number of rooms may purchase additional hotel locks and a programmer that facilitates the maintenance of the locking system.

You will receive an encoder that issues and administrates the guest, staff, and service cards.