Intelligent energy saver - HSU-FK002

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Intelligent energy saver - HSU-FK002
Model: HSU-FK002
Voltage: 220 V
Current: 30 A
Compatibility: these energy-saving devices operates only with the cards of a hotel; these also enable you to check the time of a guest’s stay

Specifications Features

Energy savers are important elements of guest service. They turn on when you insert the keycard into a special pocket located at the room entrance. This is convenient because:

  • The keycard is always in its place, so you don’t need to remember where you put it.
  • Light, air-conditioning, and other devices turn on when we really need them;
  • There is enough time to leave the room after light and electrical appliances stop working by removing the card from your pocket.

Energy-saving switches help save electricity in a hotel by reducing idle consumption

Compatible with MIFARE cards, programmable modes:

  • Any MIFARE card (default)
  • Only hotel card
  • Only room card
  • Check the time of arrival and departure of the guest (the light will not turn on at another interval)