HSU. News: PMS Integration Interface Update v. 3.3

News: PMS Integration Interface Update v. 3.3

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A new function of keycard issuing from ILMS and PMS integration interface for several hotel rooms for use in family rooms has been added. If two guest rooms have a common walk-through door, now it is possible to issue a keycard to enter both of these rooms.

New features:

  • A function of issuing the same guest keycard to open up to 4 hotel room doors has been introduced. Such electronic keys can be issued both in ILMS and directly from the PMS integration interface. This feature is useful for hotel connected (connect) rooms with a common walk-through door. Such a room can be provided for a guest separately or together with the adjoining room: when the walk-through door is opened, a room turns into a large family space. In this case, the same keycard can be used to open both doors of the adjoining rooms.

    There are usually two walk-through doors between adjoining rooms divided by a small vestibule. In this case, electronic locks can also be installed on them. The issued key to a large family room may contain information enabling to open not only two walk-through doors to adjoining rooms, but also locks on the doors that unite the room into a large family space.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • In some cases, the keycard reading command incorrectly returned minutes in the guest departure field. The problem has been solved.

  • The counter of issued keycards has been improved.

Current product version: 3.3

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