HSU. News: PMS interface update v.2.3

News: PMS interface update v.2.3

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An update that opens up the possibility to use Unicode.

The PMS interface was updated. It supports Unicode now. It means that info from the guest name field can be sent to the electronic hotel locks management system in native encoding. This upgrade will allow to get stronger integration between PMS and hotel access control system. Key card issuance, guest registration, card returns and other ILMS reports became more clearer and transparent for hotel managers. Now Aimée is no longer Aimee, she is " Aimée". The update also increases the hotel security management system usability.

You can use Unicode when writing data to virtual tracks #2 and #3 of the key card now.

Other small improvements. The installer has been slightly modified.

Current product version is 2.3.

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