HSU. News: HSU-9953 - New series of electronic hotel locks

News: HSU-9953 - New series of electronic hotel locks

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We are glad to introduce new HSU-9953 hotel lock models.

First of all, the HSU-9953 hotel lock models feature a new CNC-treated door handle plated produced of aluminum for perfectly even edges and corners. In order to provide additional durability to the device, the aluminum door plate frame is reinforced with an electroplated steel chassis. This coating makes the hotel lock much more hard-wearing than zinc alloy ones.

The aluminum frame is sandblasted and oxidized before the decorative coating is applied to ensure the highest durability of the IMD coating.

The IMD method involves in-mold decoration, the major advantage of which is the increased durability of the device due to the thermal crystallization of the decorative coating in the aluminum frame of hotel door handle plates.

All these means help to preserve the original condition of the product even if it is continuously used in a highly aggressive environment. Moreover, such devices are much more durable than classic locks made of stainless steel.

Electronics Hotel Locks HSU-9953 series, color examples:

In-mold decoration (IMD) allows us to produce a hotel lock in any color you need, including a gradient.

The model is already available for ordering from our partners.

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