HSU. News: Integration of HSU with “Edelweiss” PMS

News: Integration of HSU with “Edelweiss” PMS

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Edelweiss PMS developers have performed the most complete integration with the HSU ACS.

The development team of LLC "Edelink" has integrated its Edelweiss PMS with HSU electronic hotel electronic locks.

It is the most complete integration, and the following features have been implemented.

  • Check-in of a guest with transfer of his or her name to the hotel ACS and indicating the period of a guest’s stay, including the future period (check-in by reservation - key for a guest who has not yet arrived). Passing the guest's name to the ACS allows to make name reports on card issues, accesses and other actions in the ACS software – HSU ILMS.

  • Creating the main proximity guest key that blocks all previously issued keys in the electronic hotel room door lock, and creating copies of the key that work simultaneously with the main key until the new main key is issued.

  • When issuing a keycard to a guest (both the main one and a copy), Edelweiss PMS stores the Mifare UID. This makes it possible to integrate external systems with PMS based on the guest's keycard. For example, integration of the restaurant system when closing the receipt on a guest's keycard or integration with the typical ACS, when an electronic room key can be used to control the balance of a guest crossing a turnstile at the exit of the hotel building.

  • Checking a guest's proximity card directly from PMS. An receptionist can check the validity of a guest's card without leaving the workspace of PMS Edelweiss. A common example is when a guest has some problem with his or her card and ask you to check it.

  • Ability to specify additional areas available to a guest when issuing an electronic key. For instance, it could be a door (or a turnstile) to a fitness club, the passage through which becomes available when a guest pays for an additional service in PMS. Areas available to a guest are recorded directly on a card, and door locks do not need to be reprogrammed.

    • “Edelweiss” PMS is a professional hotel management system with a wide range of functional modules. The transparency of the system and a large number of interfaces make “Edelweiss” an ideal base for complex hotel automatization.

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